Yesterday, Sept 16, Sir Clive Sinclair, inventor of the pocket calculator and the person who brought affordable computers on the market, died at home in London on Thursday morning after a long illness. Clive Sinclair is one of the pioneers of home computing and inventor of the pocket calculator.

His first steps in the computer market were in 1977, when the (Sinclair) MK-14 was released under the flag of Science of Cambridge. In 1980, it followed by the ZX-80 and ZX-81 in 1981, both computers sold for below £100.

In 1982 it followed by the immensely popular ZX Spectrum, selling…

As of June 5, 2021, we’re fully open and functional again. Every Wednesday till Sunday you can visit the museum and see approximately 400 (working) computers, 1000 CD-i titles, around 2000 boxed PC games and if you’re lucky, even volunteers! We follow the corona rules and therefor we are limited to 80 visitors at once (at current date). Make your reservation now and see one of the biggest collections of working home computers, the largest collection of boxed PC games and the largest collection of CD-i in the entire world. See the computer that was used for the movie Titanic…

On April 27th, we’ll be having a overstock sellout. As you can imagine, we have a lot of stuff. Think about videocards, IO-boards, 4:3 LCD screens, monochrome screens etc. And we can’t use all of it, nor have we unlimited space to store it.

So for one time, we’ll be having our storage clear-out. We even sell a few computers like an IBM 5160 and Olivetti Unix PC because we cannot use them or we have plenty already.

Here’s your chance. Because of corona we ask you to make a reservation and you’ll be given a time-slot to shop. Literally…

We had hoped we could re-open on March 3rd, but unfortunately the Dutch government decided to extend the lockdown with another 3 weeks. This means, we should be able to re-open on March 17th.

And yes, on March 17th 2021 we exist for 3 years! So it’s a special day and if we can re-open, it’ll be even more special!

Hopefully in 2 weeks we will be able to confirm our re-opening on exactly the same day as 3 years ago. Be sure to check our site in about 2 weeks and make a reservation for that day, it will be a blast!

Very proud that we have become a practical example of heritage participation, on the website of Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

We are living proof that culture and participation can go well together and that you can achieve unprecedented successes. All this by simply treating everyone equally and by really involving them in the company and its purpose. Besides giving a fantastic feeling, you can also really contribute to the happiness of the people in service.

The museum has been open since March 2018 and currently has around 45 volunteers. Even the volunteers from the very beginning are still…

As of 19–11–2020 we are open as usual, with the only limitation that we allow a maximum of 100 visitors at the same time and reservation is required.

For now, the Dutch government closed all museums in the Netherlands to prevent spreading corona. These rules apply until November 17th, 2020 so we currently expect to reopen on November 18th.

Meanwhile, we’re working hard to improve the museum even further. Now that the world’s biggest boxed PC-games collection is set-up (mostly), we are focusing on the 1995 and later room which still had a bit of a ‘it isn’t finished’-feeling in it. So a little redesign is being done there and it’ll be done by next week, in time for our (hopefully) third re-opening this year.

November 5, 2020 is World Day of Digital Sustainability and that day will be announced that the HomeComputerMuseum becomes part of the digital heritage network, being one of the three locations in the Netherlands that can read old media types and convert the data to a modern format.

The HomeComputerMuseum will be the only one capable of reading the data on its original computer and most likely with its original software. This way the museum will be an essential part of the Dutch culture and heritage community.

We offer this service to museums, but also to individuals and companies. Contact us if you want to have your old media read!

Yesterday we did a short interview with the local radio about the museum. This can be listened to here: DOWNLOAD (Dutch only).

In other news, we had no less than 5 job interviews for new volunteers. Two of them joined the team already and the other 3 will think about it. Hopefully we’ll have them in our team soon. For now we’d like to welcome Eric and Rick for joining the HomeComputerMuseum family.

Currently, we put 33 brand new showcases in the museum to host world’s largest collection PC games. In the next few weeks, these cases will be filled and officially be opened early next year.


Interactive computermuseum in the Netherlands where the history of the home computer can be hands-on experienced with well over 300 active systems ready for use

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